It's Time To Buy Cars the New Way.

If you'd like to bypass the traditional sales process and purchase a vehicle from the comfort of your home or office, choose Peacock Purchase Online! 

The Peacock Purchase Online tool gives you control over your deal, allowing you to complete nearly all the steps of purchasing a new vehicle from the convenience of your personal computer or mobile phone. 

When you use Peacock Purchase Online, you'll find an intuitive and streamlined car-buying experience that allows you to complete nearly 100 percent of the process on your own. Our highly sophisticated digital retailing tool will enable you to finish just about everything but the test drive and the final paperwork.


1.   Choose your vehicle

Browse our new or used inventory online to pick a vehicle.

2.    Calculate Your Payments

Determine what you can afford and how you'd like to finance your next vehicle. By filling out the fields and following the steps, you'll quickly find the financing plan that suits your budget and your lifestyle best.

• First, decide between a lease or a loan for the vehicle. You'll notice how the estimated monthly payments go up and down as you change your choices.

• Next, fill in the field for the asking price. The price of the vehicle automatically populates, and you will see the amount after specials apply. After you submit your asking price, we'll review your offer and get back to you shortly.

• Fill out the down payment amount that works best for you.

• Select your credit score range.

• Choose a loan term and see how the APR changes as you do.

And just like that, you can make an offer for the vehicle of your choice.

3.     Value Your Trade

Utilize the Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool to discover a fair price for your current vehicle. By providing necessary information about the condition and value of your car, this tool will use data to discover the objective market value of your vehicle. In a few minutes, you can find the value of your car, SUV, or truck and seamlessly add it to your Estimated Total Financed Amount.

4.    Apply for Financing

We provide an online finance application that makes it possible to discover your loan amount from your computer or phone. Skip the heavy paperwork, and if you want to move forward with purchasing a car after your test drive, we'll have your numbers filed, allowing you to have one hurdle out of the way.


Schedule a Test Drive & Take Delivery

The best way to be sure that the vehicle you're interested is the right one for you is by taking it for a test drive. We're available to do test drives at your home or office, or you may visit the dealership. 

If you decide to purchase the vehicle, we'll be able to either complete the paperwork at the place of your choosing, or you can visit the dealership to finalize the deal.


Save time and energy by using our Peacock Purchase Online program. Look for the tool on the right side of each vehicle listing on our website.

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