Ford Electric Vehicles in Maitland FL

Explore the New Ford Hybrid & Electric Lineup

Ford produces a large selection of options for anyone desiring to reduce their carbon footprint by acquiring a hybrid, plug-in or all-electric vehicle. Peacock Ford near Orlando displays a number of fuel-efficient, low, and zero-emission options to explore.

Hybrid Choices

Hybrids combine the efforts of a gas-powered engine with an electric motor and battery pack to provide greater fuel efficiency without needing plug-in to recharge. Maitland shoppers have the choice of the stylish Escape compact SUV. But families needing more interior space and performance power opt for the three-row Explorer. Pickup enthusiasts choose the Maverick or the F-150. A variety of powertrain options enable consumers to select a model that provides the level of performance power desired.

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrids ease the transition between hybrid and all-electric vehicles. The compact Escape SUVs are manufactured with a gas-powered engine that combines efforts with an electric motor and a battery system similar to a hybrid. The battery requires recharging via an electrical outlet. However, the advantage being that there are no worries about being without power. The little Escape plug-in is ideal for consumers wanting a fuel-efficient vehicle for driving around Altamonte Springs. Yet, the spacious and comfortable interior enables the SUV to embark on extensive road trips too.

All Electric Options

All-electric vehicles driven around Winter Park have one or two electric motors powered by a battery pack. The vehicles provide the ultimate in fuel-efficiency and zero emissions. Options include the Mustang Mach-E with offers stunning good looks along with muscle car power. When preferring a pickup for daily commutes or work sites, explore the F-150 Lightning.

The trucks also serve as an emergency power source in the event of an outage. When needing a commercial vehicle near Orlando, consider the E-Transit. As the vehicles have electric components, they offer fleet owners considerable savings in maintenance and repair costs.