To Buy or Lease: We'll Help You Find the Answer for Financing a New Ford Here in Maitland, FL

Deciding to shop at our Maitland, FL Ford dealer serving Winter Park, Orlando, Sanford, Casselberry and Altamonte Springs is already setting yourself up for success. But from there, you'll need to decide on leasing or buying your new Ford. Luckily for you, we're here to help, and we'll go over the advantages of both buying a new car as well as leasing one. Since every driver is different, we take the time to get to know you, your needs in a new Ford, and what your budget looks like, both for what you can afford to pay up front and for what you'll expect to owe on a monthly basis. Look through this handy guide that goes over both leasing and buying, then visit us here in the Orlando area today to talk through your options even further with one of our finance center experts.

Leasing a New Ford in Maitland, FL

When it comes to any new Ford Focus, Fusion, Escape, Explorer, F-150, Mustang or any of the many others we have here in Maitland, you'll find a wealth of tech options, gorgeous styling and a dynamic sense of performance. You'll also discover some of the best lease deals in Orlando that we offer to well-qualified shoppers, and if that's the way you're thinking of going, you'll find plenty of benefits, including:

  • Lower Down Payment and Monthly Costs: With some of the new Ford specials we offer, you won't have to put anything down up front, and the monthly costs for a lease are pretty much always lower compared to what you'll pay with a loan that you use to purchase your vehicle.
  • Pick a Higher Trim for a Lower Cost: With that in mind, you can afford a higher trim level of your new Ford, with more features, a more advanced engine setup, AWD when applicable and more of the good stuff, all at that lower cost we mentioned above.
  • Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs: A lease term typically keeps the vehicle you'll be driving for two or three years under the manufacturer warranty, so most scheduled maintenance and any repairs needed will be covered, keeping your service costs a lot lower than if you owned your Ford.
  • More Flexibility Every Two or Three Years: With a lease, you'll only be locked in with your specific Ford model for a shorter term, meaning you can choose an updated version of the same model, or choose something completely different when your lease term ends.
  • Less Sales Tax: To go along with the lower costs, you'll end up paying less sales tax, which can really sneak up on your with a costlier purchase.

Buying a New Ford in Maitland, FL

On the flip side, financing your new Ford with a loan for an outright purchase has advantages of its own, even with the higher costs and longer obligation. Many of the new specials offered here provide great rates on your new Ford Explorer, Fusion or F-150, and in the long run you may end up paying less than if you were to lease a new ride every two or three years. Advantages of buying include:

  • Make Changes to Your Ford as You Please: This doesn't come up a whole lot with leasing a new model, but Ford buyers can make changes, add options and alter your model as you please, compared to settling on what you get with a lease.
  • Save More Over the Long Term: The lower costs of a lease up front and for monthly payments might not only be appealing, but what makes sense for your financial situation. But if you can plan things out in the longer term, you'll find that buying and owning your Ford will actually be more affordable over several more years, and a wise investment.
  • No Excess Mileage Penalty: There's plenty of fine print when it comes to leasing a new vehicle, with the mileage excess penalties being one consideration you'll have to be careful about. When you own your Ford, you'll be free to drive it as much as you want without incurring added costs for excessive mileage.
  • More Freedom and Flexibility: A lease is pretty much set at its two- or three-year term, and that's that. When you buy and own your Ford, you'll be free to sell it whenever you want.
  • Use Your Ford as a Trade-in for Your Next One: Similarly, you'll be able to trade in your Ford - which makes it another great reason to keep yours in its best shape for as long as possible - when you're thinking about buying another vehicle.

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