Two Signs of Potential Leaks to Your Car's Exhaust System

Any leak in a car's exhaust system is bad because dangerous gases that should be exiting the tailpipe might now be filling up the car's cabin. See if you can identify leaks by spotting these warning signs.

If you are seated inside the vehicle and it is running, see if you feel a new vibration in the seat. Place you foot on the gas pedal and fell for a vibration. Try holding the steering wheel and feeling a vibration too.

The leaking exhaust pipe will make sounds that could tip you off to potential trouble. At the tailpipe, listen for a high-pitch whistle that might indicate rising back-pressure. Open the hood and listen to the engine, popping or hissing near the manifolds could also be a sign of a leak.

A leaking exhaust system is serious trouble; it’s best to have the team at Peacock Ford carefully inspect the vehicle and make the needed repairs.

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