Stretch Your Fuel Economy for Summer Road Trips

Summer’s in full swing here in Maitland, and the team at Peacock Ford wants to help you prepare for your family’s seasonal road trip excursions. Whether you traverse the streets of Central Florida or venture up the coast, you deserve to maximize your savings. Follow our handy fuel economy tips to stretch your transportation budget this season and beyond!

Maximize Your Fuel Economy With These Handy Tips:

  • Plot out your course before you begin your trip. This step saves you time, frustration and hassle and can even help you get the most from your fuel budget. Use a map or navigation system that provides you with the most efficient route to your destination.
  • Steer clear of aggressive driving habits. Our Ford cars enable you to get up and go, however quick acceleration and speeding work against your vehicle when it comes to efficiency.
  • Change your oil. Fresh engine oil helps maximize your efficiency and also keeps your Ford running in excellent condition.
  • Check your Ford vehicle’s tires regularly for proper inflation. Low tire pressure reduces your fuel economy, so in addition to checking for wear and tire, you may want to monitor inflation before your next trip.

We know that your annual vacations serve as an important tradition for your family. Not only do you deserve to spend quality time with your favorite people, but you also deserve the opportunity to travel with style and efficiency in mind. Make memories to last a lifetime in your new Ford vehicle from Peacock Ford! Follow our fuel saving tips to save money during your commute, whether you drive a new or Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicle. Stop by our Ford dealership in Maitland, Florida to discover your ideal road trip companion today!

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