Have Your Ford Serviced By Ford Qualified Technicians

When your Ford vehicle has to go into the shop, whether that be for routine maintenance or for something larger, you want it to be well taken care of. Who better to take care of your Ford than someone who has experience in Ford models, has been trained with Ford tools, and loves every ounce of the Ford brand? Watch the video below to see what we mean.

From start to finish, your Ford vehicle is well taken care of. It was built by people who are passionate about high-quality, strength, and design. So why wouldn't you want those same people to take care of you Ford when it needs to have work done? Here, at Peacock Ford, we have a service center that is available for all of your vehicle servicing needs. Do you need some simple routine maintenance performed, like an oil change, tire rotation, or brake pad replacement? Is there something bigger that needs to be fixed, like an unfortunate collision repair, engine replacement, or transmission fix? Or perhaps you don't know what exactly is wrong with your vehicle, but the check engine light has appeared or a weird noise creaks when you turn just right. Whatever the reason, let our highly-trained and experienced Ford technicians take care of it for you.

We have even made scheduling an appointment easy. Fill out our online scheduling service tool, right from the comfort of your home or office, and we will pencil you in for the date and time that you request.

If something is wrong with your Ford, or if it's that time again, stop by Peacock Ford and let us get you safely back out onto the road in no time!

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