Who is Eligible for Ford Motor Company A & Z Plan?
  • Active full-time Ford employees (A Plan)
  • Retired full-time Ford employees (Z Plan)
  • Spouse and spouse's parents (A Plan & Z Plan)
  • Sons and daughters-including in-laws and step children (A & Z Plan)
  • Grandchildren (A/Z Plan)
  • Most surviving spouses of retirees (A Plan & Z Plan)

Who Is Eligible for Ford Motor Company X Plan?

Active Ford employees - hourly and salaried (X Plan), Retirees (X Plan), Retirees spouses (X Plan) at U.S. and Canadian locations of: Selected Ford Motor Company suppliers, Selected Ford Motor Company fleet customers, and select companies/organizations strategically related to Ford Motor Company.In order to receive the X Plan discount, participants will be required to show proof of employment by an organization eligible for Partner Recognition benefits. This proof must be shown at the time they take delivery of their Ford vehicle from Peacock Ford in Maitland, FL.

Facts About Ford X Plan.

For non-Ford Motor Company employees, X-Plan provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of driving a Ford Motor Company vehicle. Individuals may be sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee or may be eligible as an employee or member of a partner company or organization to receive the X plan. Current X-Plan programs that recognize an ongoing relationship include: Friends & Neighbors, Supplier Partner Recognition, and Fleet Account Employee Appreciation.

How do I Generate an X Plan Pin Number?

Eligible employee obtains organization's Partner Recognition Code. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is obtained by calling us. Participants visit Peacock Ford in Maitland, FL and identify themselves as a Partner Recognition (X-Plan) participant. Participant provides us with a Social Security Number and X Plan PIN. Select a vehicle. Provide proof of employment by an eligible Ford partner through a pay stub, company ID, business card, W-2, etc.

How many vehicles may be obtained through Ford Partner Recognition?

Eligible employees, retirees and their spouses may purchase or lease four vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program (X Plan Program). Vehicles must be titled and registered in the eligible employee or spouse's name (vehicles may not be titled or registered in a company name). No other family members are eligible for Partner Recognition pricing.

How long is the X Plan Program in Effect?

There is no expiration date for the program, however, Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the program, remove eligibility, or cancel the program at any time.

What is Ford Partner Recognition (X Plan) Pricing?

Partner Recognition pricing (X-Plan) is a special pre-determined price, which is based on the following: Ford Employee (A-Plan) price plus 4% plus $150. Participants are explained that Peacock Ford in Maitland, FL will assist them in obtaining the X-Plan price for the vehicle they choose. Then, they can compare the price to the MSRP to calculate their total discount.

Which Ford Motor Company Vehicles are Eligible?

All Ford vehicles are eligible. This includes the Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford C-Max, Ford Taurus, Ford Mustang, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Ford Flex, Ford Fiesta, Transit Connect, Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford Econoline Cargo Van, Ford Econoline Van, and more. The only exceptions are Ford Raptors, Shelby Mustangs, and F-450 through F750.

Are Ford X Plan Participants Eligible for Other Incentives?

Yes! Partner recognition participants are eligible for all public incentives and many incentives normally paid to the dealer. There are some special offers that are not compatible with this discount. Participants should ask Peacock Ford to determine which incentives they are eligible for. Peacock Ford will check directly with Ford Motor Company to determine eligibility.

Are any Other Items Covered Through the Ford X Plan?

No! Ford vehicle accessories, conversion packages, extended warranties, etc. are not covered by the X Plan program and must be agreed upon between the participant and Peacock Ford in Maitland, FL.

Can Ford Vehicles be Purchased or Leased?

They can be either purchased or leased. The only requirement regarding the X Plan is that leases must be obtained through Ford Credit.

Can a Vehicle be Traded in Combination with this Program?

Yes! However this program does not cover trade-in allowances, which must be negotiated directly with the customer. We always need cars, trucks, and vans and are willing to give you top dollar for your trade.

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